Mixed Use

Mixed use is one of the oldest patterns of human settlement. It is also one of the most challenging to develop. The best examples of mixed use can produce an overall vision that integrates the individual parts and produces a sum that is greater than its parts. All too often however, mixed-use projects fall victim to a no-win competition between batteries of specialists, competing programmatic agendas, and overlapping technical issues.

The key to maximizing the value of the individual parts lies in creating compelling place-based experiences. EE&K’s diverse portfolio allows us to engage all aspects of the mixed use program with creativity and flexibility. We know how to orchestrate the various teams of specialists that seem to be an inevitable part of mixed-use development and how to creatively balance complex technical requirements. Above all, we have the vision to create mixed-use developments that transcend their individual uses, achieve an overall coherence, and produce long-term economic value.